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  • Blake Lyons

Top 5 Benefits of Private Airline Charter

More and more people are choosing to fly private airline charters as opposed to a typical commercial airline due to the various benefits private airline charters boast. With a private airline charter, you can save time, increase safety, experience luxury, as well as convenience and flexibility. Here’s our top 5 benefits of private airline charters.

  1. Luxury: Being able to charter a private plane, you will travel comfortably with your family or colleagues enjoying plenty of leg room, entertaining space and sleeping quarters. If you plan on bringing a group or company, it gives everyone a sense of luxury and exclusivity. Not many people in their life can ever say they flew on a chartered airplane. Being able to have your own chartered plane for the time being puts you in a class that not many can say they are in. If chartering a plane for your business associates, it shows that you value your employees and that you want to show them the luxury of flying private in hopes that you will someday do the same.

  1. Save Time: You will be able to arrange to be picked up from your home by a driver and dropped off at the door of your private airplane. You experience the ease of unloading your luggage and stepping right into your chartered plane. By flying private charter, you avoid certain hassles like parking, checking in, waiting in security lines, and getting to your gate. You avoid time wasted in the airport once you arrive to your destination and you always have the options to fly into airports closer to your destination, even if it’s the smaller airport.

  1. Convenience: With a private airline charter, you don’t have to worry about long wait times at the airport, hauling your luggage around, scheduling conflicts, canceled flights and other hassles associated with commercial airlines. You schedule the date and time, that works best for you. Flights can be scheduled at a moment’s notice, but bear in mind some locations have limited availability of private aircrafts.

  1. Safety: Traveling by chartered airplane is as safe, if not safer, as commercial air carrier travel because chartered planes are regulated by the same organization, the Federal Aviation Administration. Private airplanes undergo the strictest safety and airplane maintenance schedules required by the FAA Safety Standards. Even though you don’t have to wait in long TSA check point lines, you would just need to be screened right before you get on your private plane. There is no way around security screening when it comes to airports, so bear in mind that just because you’re flying private, doesn't mean you don't adhere to the airport standards, especially when it comes to safety and security.

  1. Have It Your Way: By flying charter, you are able to customize your travel needs to fit your personal preferences. You are able to personalize everything like catering variety of food, special entertainment on the plane or in the private terminals or your favorite champagne, just keep in mind you will be able to have your needs met. As long as the specific needs where told ahead of time, you will be able to bring on any type of personalized necessity to make your overall private airline charter travels an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Whether it be taking some of your friends and family or business partners on a private airline charter, we can almost guarantee that your experience will be top notch. Anyone who has ever flown private will know the extreme benefits in doing so. One of the main reasons high profile athletes, actors or millionaires prefer to fly private is because they are constantly getting bombarded at commercial airliners with paparazzi and adoring fans. Chartering an airplane provides them with the confidentiality and safety they appreciate. By flying private chartered airplanes, you not only get the luxury of being a VIP, but you also save time by not going through the loop holes of TSA and long lines at baggage claim, it is convenient in terms of being able to just pull up right in front of your plane and hop right on, it’s just as safe, if not safer than traveling commercial and best of all, you can always have it your way when it comes to personalizing your private airline charter experience.

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